Administratie si Management Public, issue number 37th has been published!

ISSN 1583-9583

The review is CNCSIS certificated B+ Category Review Code 714/2008

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  • is an international academic journal, published by The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, the Faculty of Administration and Public Management and the International Centre for Public Management;

  • is an open access journal published in English, twice a year;

  • is a double peer-reviewed journal;

  • includes articles prepared by scholars, researchers and practitioners;

  • is addressed to teachers, researchers, Ph. D students, master students, undergraduate students, public managers, civil servants and to other categories of readers.

  • The papers published in this journal:
    • contain the research results of some researches and surveys developed by the authors;
    • include new theoretical/practical and original approaches that were presented and analysed by the authors;
    • offer solutions for the public managers` problems;
    • stimulate the know-how transfer from an institution to another, from a country to another in the areas of administration and public management;

  • The paper proposed for evaluation can be sent throughout the year, preferably by the end of April or before the end of October; The proposals should be submitted to the address: submission_paper@amp.ase.ro

  • We welcome articles written by professional scholars and practitioners in:
    - Public management;
    - Public administration;
    - Public policy;
    - Public services;
    - Social economy;
    - Social environment;
    - Management of the nongovernmental organizations;
    - Human resources management in the public sector;
    - Decision making in public organizations;
    - Governance;
    - Communication in the public sector;
    - Sociology;
    - Demography;
    - Migration;
    - Globalization;
    - Other related domains.

    Topics of interest for our journal


  • Administratie si Management Public journal is part of the network of public administration journals called CEE Network of Public Administration and Policy Journals, coordinated by The The Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe (NISPAcee)

    The journal is registered in the following databases:

    PA@BABEL (Public Administration's dataBase for Accessing academic puBlications in European Languages)

    In order to subscribe to the Administratie si Management Public journal, please fill in the subscription form (en) or (ro) and send it together with the payment proof at the folowing e-mail addresses: editura@ase.ro and submission_paper@amp.ase.ro.